Inspiration For Today's World…..

John 20:24-31 by Judith A. Sears

I have always been fond of the story of Thomas, ...missing out on seeing Jesus entering the house, because he was off somewhere. How disappointed he must have been. His was sort of a sour grapes kind of reaction that lingered through the centuries, that he doubted the words of his fellow disciples and promised only to believe if he was given physical proof that it was truly Jesus and not some ghost come back to haunt them. 

Then a week later it was finally his turn to see and feel the proof that Jesus was Lord and God. The neatest thing about this story is what Jesus told Thomas. For me, it sounded like a prediction, for I am one of those blessed who have not seen, yet I believe and Jesus knew I would be, centuries before I was born.
Tangible Proof, Closing Doubt's Door 
Do you suppose that Thomas felt warmth and vitality?
some kind of electric spark or perhaps a pulsing...?
the essence of God flowing through his fingers... 
Was it a brilliant thing to have experienced?
or a simple confirming wound?
the electric connection of searching fingers
examining the wounds,
the breathtaking realization of answers found,
his disbelief dissolved,
the humbling surrender, the clarity of his belief.
Forever forward Thomas would no longer be uncertain
the lesson was learned
though he would be remembered as the doubter
he will be still and forever loved for who he was.
Someday I will be at that door
I will know the affect of that precious wounded hand
indelibly impressed upon my own small hand
All the magnificence of the paradise
into which He leads me, will pale
compared to the splendor of holding His hand.
Judith A. Sears ©2013