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Who is he this Jesus?

If you don't get Jesus right..... nothing else matters

Many people never find an answer for the question: who is this Jesus?

Here is a good thought reposted from a comment on the devotional Web site Our Daily Bread:

Roy wrote this as a Christmas Carol but one that points to Jesus final coming in the power that perhaps some people miss in the image of a little baby!

Why did you come as a Baby,
And not as the King that You are?
You are the Way the Truth and the Life,
Your light drew wise men from afar.

Life in the womb of a virgin,
Alone by the Spirit’s command.
Revealed in Your Birth, God’s answer for earth.
Not found in the plans of man!

Not like this the next time,
But by trumpet sound
Then returned in Glory,
We clearly see Your Crown.

Joseph’s faithful obedience,
A mystery he can’t understand.
His love for God and the promise declared
Has placed him in Gods Glorious Plan

The gentle light in a stable
Would one day reveal all our sin
No Babe in a shed, a Savior instead,
This one who is truly our King

Love to the Forum Fellowship


Life is a jumble these days; too fast, too tense, too stressful, too much information, and too uncertain.

We all long for something that will help us put our lives in order.

The answer is Jesus Christ and the Cross.

The manger in Bethlehem is a good place to start and the Cross where this child would die for you some 30 years later is the answer.