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Soothing My Why Thinker by Judith Sears

Recently, my why thinker - 
part of the questioning section of my mind
it is very near my how thinker
floating somewhere between
the when and who bits of my brain
- was unsatisfied with the answers
a person of great renown was proposing
one jealous Friday afternoon.
I had asked why men put so much energy
into hurting other men.
The person of great renown,
assuming I was wondering why God
let bad things happen,
responded that God in His great wisdom
didn’t interfere with the goings and doings of men.
It seemed like a simple idea
but it seemed so wrong.
Godly men make salvation their focus
their voyage is toward the light.
The purposeful hurting of others
takes an evil heart and a lost mind.
Nothing at all to do with God
who leads us not into temptation
but delivers us from evil.
These wounding people have fallen
so far away from good
they are lost in the lure of liars
dazzled by the false creations of deceivers.
They dwell in the dark places
where spotlights glorify greed and gluttony.
Yet here is my natural hunger for redemption
my pure desire to surrender, to serve.
This is how God meddles
he spends my energy to love like He loves
making my goings and my doings His.
Soothing my why thinker

©2013 Judith A. Sears

Said in awe... Oh Jesus by Judith A. Sears

I am golden
I see it in Your eyes
I shine as a reflection of Your influence
In my attempt to be
as like You as I can be
I fall so short of Your excellence
but look at how very golden I am
it is a delight to be in Your shadow
to follow You
to share You with the people in my life
and the people who are only just there
on the fringe of my life
and even those I will never see
to be golden
to be a reflection of Christ
beautiful even in my imperfection
a terrible sinner who begs forgiveness
a terrible sinner who holds fast
to the wounded hand of my Savior.
Golden, only because I belong to You.
Oh Jesus… still said in awe.

©2013 Judith A. Sears

I Waited for the Lord My God (Psalm 40)

I waited for the Lord my God,
Yea, patiently drew near,
And He at length inclined to me,
My pleading cry to hear.
He took me from destruction’s pit,
From out the miry clay;
He set my feet upon a rock,
And steadfast made my way.
A new and joyful song of praise
My thankful heart He taught,
A song of glory to our God
For all that He has wrought.
And many who behold how good
The Lord has been to me
Shall learn to fear, and in His Name
Their trust shall henceforth be.

Anonymous Christian Poetry
Public Domain

John 20:24-31 by Judith A. Sears

I have always been fond of the story of Thomas, ...missing out on seeing Jesus entering the house, because he was off somewhere. How disappointed he must have been. His was sort of a sour grapes kind of reaction that lingered through the centuries, that he doubted the words of his fellow disciples and promised only to believe if he was given physical proof that it was truly Jesus and not some ghost come back to haunt them. 

Then a week later it was finally his turn to see and feel the proof that Jesus was Lord and God. The neatest thing about this story is what Jesus told Thomas. For me, it sounded like a prediction, for I am one of those blessed who have not seen, yet I believe and Jesus knew I would be, centuries before I was born.
Tangible Proof, Closing Doubt's Door 
Do you suppose that Thomas felt warmth and vitality?
some kind of electric spark or perhaps a pulsing...?
the essence of God flowing through his fingers... 
Was it a brilliant thing to have experienced?
or a simple confirming wound?
the electric connection of searching fingers
examining the wounds,
the breathtaking realization of answers found,
his disbelief dissolved,
the humbling surrender, the clarity of his belief.
Forever forward Thomas would no longer be uncertain
the lesson was learned
though he would be remembered as the doubter
he will be still and forever loved for who he was.
Someday I will be at that door
I will know the affect of that precious wounded hand
indelibly impressed upon my own small hand
All the magnificence of the paradise
into which He leads me, will pale
compared to the splendor of holding His hand.
Judith A. Sears ©2013

Inside the Tomb

 The moon had passed its zenith and it was just past half way between darkness and light on morning the third day following Christ's crucifixion.  God summoned five angels including Michael the Archangel. He dispatched them to the tomb of his Son with these instructions: "minister to Him as he rises".

Shortly the angels arrived at the tomb. Two were left outside to guard the entrance. Michael said, "I will call to you when it is time to roll away the stone".

 Michael, the Archangel and the two remaining angles passed through the granite walls and into the tomb. As they entered their radiance illuminated the tomb's chamber. The air in the chamber was sweet with the aroma of the embalming spices. Christ lay serenely as he had been paced by Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus.
 The angels each took a position, one at the feet of Jesus and one near his head. Michael the Archangel sat at the Lord's side.

 A time passed and then Jesus stirred and the angles kneeled and removed the linen burial cloths.  Michael touched his arm and Jesus removed the face cloth and looked into his eyes. "Michael," Jesus said, "you have come". "Yes", Michael replied, "your Father sent us to minister to you and be with you until you come home to be with him".

 Even Michael the Archangel was taken aback by the scene: the wounds, the cuts from the thorns. Tears streamed from his eyes for he loved his Lord.

 Jesus sat up took the face cloth, folded it, and placed it on the ledge of the tomb.

 Michael the Archangel touched the Lord's feet and the wounds were sealed, he touched to Lord's side and  hands and the wounds were sealed. He wiped the Lord's brow with a warm damp cloth and the scars of the thorns were healed.

 Then one of the angels provided drink and sustenance and the other garments for Jesus to wear.
 "The time is near", Jesus said, "soon she will come". "They all are frightened and alone" Jesus continued.  "I will provide them with comfort and assurance".

 Michael, the Archangel,  called to those angels guarding the tomb, "roll away the stone, for Jesus Christ the Lord has risen". And the enormous stone sealing the entrance was rolled away as the break of dawn illuminated the earth.
 Jesus arose and walked to the tomb's entrance. He stopped and turning to the angels. Nodding to them  he said, "you two shall remain here for a while and announce to the woman I have risen".

"Praise God unto the highest", the angels replied. Jesus's disciples arrived at the tomb but only one entered.
 After the disciples departed, Mary, weeping,  entered the tomb, the two angles greeted her and asked the woman, "why are you weeping"?

"They have taken my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him", Mary replied.A voice from behind asked, "woman why are you weeping"? "Whom are you seeking"?

Mary turned to see him, and the man standing just outside the tomb said, "Mary".  Mary recognizing Jesus said, "Teacher".

And Jesus said, "go and tell my disciples I have risen".

By: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin

Through a Donkey's Eyes

The day started normally the keeper of the flock singled out a few goats and a couple of us donkeys to take to the market place in a small village just outside of Jerusalem.

I had made this trip before. I was often put up for sale but I have never been ridden and a little hostile action sent most would be buyers looking elsewhere for a donkey.

The trip from the fields to the village was uneventful, but there did seem to more people than normal on the road and they were carrying palm fronds and seemed very excited. All very upsetting to me.

Once at the market things went pretty much as usual, a lot of lookers but no one seemed particularly interested in buying me.

As the day wore on activity at the market dropped off as people headed back to the road to see a new King that was coming to Jerusalem.

My owners packed up and lead me to a small inn where I was tied to a hitch rack outside while they had something to eat and drink.

Suddenly two men arrived and began to untie my line. The owners shouted, "hey what are you doing with our donkey?" The men replied, "the Master has need of your donkey". The owners bowed as the men unhitched my line. I felt no need to buck or pull away, there was a strange feeling in my soul to go where I was needed.

In a short time we arrived at a throng of people, in their midst a man like no man I had ever seen. His eyes met mine and I knew that this was no mortal human.

As they threw there cloaks on my back, at first I shivered and wanted to throw them off, but then the man, this King, was at my side and laid his hand on me. All fear left me.

As they sat him on my back a warmth filled my being and we headed toward the great City.

The trip was not long the cloaks and palm fronds made stepping a bit treacherous, but there was always the steady hand leading me to the final destination.

The crowd was cheering, as the man climbed off my back. Our eyes once again met. This time he looked sad and deeply concerned. His eyes moved to the City for a moment then for some reason back to mine.

There was a loving smile, I could only close my eyes in response, and when I opened them he was gone.
The two who had found me returned me to the village where surprisingly my owners still waited.

We returned to the fields but I was never again taken to the market for sale. Sometimes in the cool of the evening my owners would come to my place in the fields and sit and tell stories to their children about the day the King road me to Jerusalem.

The children would often come and pet me gently, and the warmth of that day would once again fill my body.

By: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin,  

Salvation for the Normal Guy

I had just finished listening to the testimony of a guy who had been down and out, addicted to drugs and alcohol, he lost his job, home and family. His up lifting experience with salvation and Jesus Christ had completely turned his life around.  It was inspiring to say the least.

I also found myself thinking, man I am sure glad I never had to go through all of that to find Christ. I was saved when I was 19 and have had a few stumbles along the way but all in all no major tragic life failures. No drugs, no alcohol problem, no jail time, my kid actually likes me. Ok, I blew the marriage but we all seemed to recover from that and lead very nice normal lives.

I sure am one fortunate guy and God has been really good to me. I am truly thankful that I did not need to have one of these cliff hanger life encounters to lead me to Christ.

It also got me thinking. What about the "normal" guy. The unsaved guy or gal who works hard, provides for their family, has never had a major life catastrophe. Alcohol, drugs, sex, infidelity, all of those things that can send life spiraling out of control, are actually under control or so they seem.

But he or she has never had a life changing salvation experience?

What's in this salvation thing for them?

So let's say that's you. 

Just a normal person with most of life under control. Why worry about all of this salvation talk..

Let's start with a some basics.

First, in our society we strive to be self sufficient. We don't want to depend on anyone including God. Accepting the fact we may just not have everything under control is tough.

Second, if you are truly a normal person, I'll bet you believe the Bible. Oh, you may have some questions about some of it, but for the most part you believe what's there.

Third, You could be right. At this point in your life help is not what you need. You very well may not need Christ the crutch but you do need Christ the rock.

You may think all of that "sin" stuff doesn't apply to you.

Start with this: Being normal or good does not reconcile you with God.
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

          .                                                 New Testament Romans 3.23

That is an "all" there. That means all of us are in the same boat.

An anonymous Poet wrote:
            Amazing thought! that God in flesh
            Would take my place and bear my sin;
            That I, a guilty, death-doomed soul,
            Eternal life might win! —Anon.

No matter how good things are if you really look down deep it may seem like something is missing. Nothing makes a life, no matter how good or normal it may be, better and more complete than a loving relationship with Christ.

If you have not accepted Christ as your Savior, things may be going pretty good right now, but what arrangements have you made for eternity?

Where would you turn if things suddenly went bad?

Your soul does not end up in the grave or the urn, it lives on. Where will eternity be?

Wouldn't be wonderful to have the peace that passes all understanding in your life?

You can take the first step by praying this simple prayer:

Dear Lord:
 I am sorry for my sins. I believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave on the third day  to save me from my sins.

Please forgive me of all my sins and come into my heart and save me.
I accept you now as my savior.

Thank you Lord for saving me today
In Jesus name I pray


Don't stop here. Talk to you Pastor, if you don't have one find one.
Don't keep this a secret. Make a public profession of your faith.
If you have found Christ as your personal savior share this with a friend or via Facebook or TWITTER.

May God bless you.......